The Templeton Community Library has enjoyed generous community support including waived fees, in-kind donations, and monetary contributions. It is estimated that total actual construction costs will exceed $1.75 million. To make our library a reality, we must establish an operating endowment fund. Currently, we are fundraising for Phase 1 of the project to raise the roof and complete the shell and foundation for the building. To initiate Phase 1, we must raise $670,000 to begin building.

Donation Member form

The Templeton Community Library Association (TCLA) will recognize donors on this website and in official materials, as desired. As well, the TCLA plans to recognize donors in an appropriate location in the completed library. We apologize for any omissions or errors while we convert original hand-written donation records to computer records. Please notify us of any corrections: 

Donor Levels – Templeton Library Building Fund

  • Sponsors: $250,000 or more
  • Founders: $100,000 or more
  • Benefactors: $50,000 or more
  • Diamond Circle: $25,000 or more
  • Platinum Circle: $10,000 or more
  • Gold Circle: $5,000 or more
  • Silver Circle: $2,500 or more
  • Bronze Circle: $1,000 or more
  • Friends: $100 or more

Thank you to all our generous donors!

TCLA   Donors – Templeton Library Building Fund

A 501(c) (3) Non Profit Corporation – Tax ID #77-0542336

as of January 1, 2013

Sponsors  contributions of $250,000 or more

Founders  contributions of $100,000 or more                

George R. Hearst, Jr

Benefactors  contributions of $  50,000 or more

Diamond Circle contributions of $  25,000 or more

Margaret Anderson Radunich

Platinum Circle  contributions of $  10,000 or more

Merle & Diana Miller            Carla Willhoit

Gold Circle contributions of $  5,000 or more

Phyllis & Chuck Chiado     Templeton Lions Club        Joann Crowe

Silver Circle contributions of $  2,500 or more

Joshua R. Gibson    ­­Craig & Christine Thomas      Paul & Katie Winkler   Anonymous

Bronze Circle contributions of $    1,000 or more

Kruse Vineyards    Barbie Graper        Jack & Rita Heninger     Mom’s Club of Atascadero

Templeton Kiwanis      Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoblit      Rosemarie and Greg O’Sullivan

Mid-State Solid Waste & North County Recycling

Backstrom McCarley Berry & Co.    Meredith and Jan Voboril

Friends contributions of less than $  1,000

Clifford & Mary Beere     Tony & Mary Bianco     Connie & Richard Seader

Myrtle Boatman      Templeton Chamber of Commerce   Larry & Karna Bramble

Charnley-Gufstason    Nelson and Naomi Yamagata    Alice E. Cooper    Bill Engles Family

Donors of Professional Services – TCLA Design Team and Consultants

                                    Robert L. McCormick – Architect

Deadlines Engineering Inc., Aaron Reed, PE, MBA

JVA Heating, Ventilating & Mechanical Engineering – James Van DeVanter, PE

Electrical Engineering – John Maloney, PE – Lighting Design  ­

Mid Coast Geotechnical – Dane Jensen

Buena Geotechnical Services, LLC, Doug Hallin

Twin Cities Surveying, Inc, Skip Touchon, PLS

Madrone Landscaping, Rick Mathews

Dohn & Associations, Bill Dohn

Cultural Resource Management Service – Nancy Farrell and Ron Rose

Dr. Terry Jones, Cal Poly, Chairman of Social Sciences Dept. and

Archeological Field Methods Class of 20 students

JW Design & Construction, Inc

Nick Pokrajac – General Contractor

Community Support

Templeton Unified School District – value of leased site, and waived fees.

County of San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors – waived fees

San Luis Obispo County Planning and Building – waived fees

Templeton Community Services District – waived fees

Templeton Chamber of Commerce                           Idler’s

AJ Spurs                                                                     Mortar & Pestle – Eric

Ian McPhee – McPhees Restaurant                          Bless Your Heart Bakery – Rosemary Hawthorne

Templeton Market and Deli                                        The Wellness Kitchen – Nancy Walker

Templeton Women’s Club                                          Nature’s Touch – Melanie Blankenship

Chris Davis – web site and domain name                  Templeton Mini Storage

Francene Beaman – THS Graphic Arts teacher        Yesterday’s T-shirts

Mrs. Angelini & Templeton Home Ec Class               Applynx – Sarah Taylor Maggelet

Odenwald Construction                                              Last Stop Antiques, Barb & Geoff Fagan

Special Thanks to these Individuals and Contributors

Jean Patnaude                                    Beverly Stevenson                             Bob & Sharon Thomson

Jim  and Pam Cook                            Gwen Pelfrey                                      Paul & Becky Bestwick

Coast National Bank                           Malcom Pickett                                   Omer G. Sewell

Don Edelman                                      Wayne and Marcea Petersen             Tom & Kay Revell

Bob and Ida Dutra                               Melinda and Doug Reed                     Patricia Duveneck

Rhonda Gates                                     Susan McIntosh and Mickey Reily     Michael Foran

Rick Graff                                           Louis Scoggins                                    Gregory and Cathleen Egger

Teddy Guy                                          Judy Stocks                                        Rex and KC Swan

Lynn James and David Farmer          Becky Terry                                        Gaby and Ashley Scott Heim

Janice & William Harington                Patti and Bill Van Orden                     Richard A. Hendricks

Will Harington                                      Virginia and Bob Baker                       Beverly Stevenson

Ron Hall                                              William Nate and Julia Herring           Jim and Mary Paul Woods

Mary James                                        Karl and Sue Luft                                Ellen Castellanos

Marsha Jaehnig                                  Rubin Family                                       Joe & Virginia Gilliam

Nick Leon                                            The Laraneta Family                           Anonymous

Joe Manning                                       Dr. Richard A. Hendricks                   Jerry & Cheryl Rebensdorf

Gregory and Cathleen Egger             Michael Foran                                     Greta Chandler

Diane Olson                                        Rachel Duchak                                   Michele and Steve Belmonte

Elena Martino, M.D.                            The Barroso Family                            Karen Vance

Gonzales Family                              Mr.& Mrs. George Jensen               Adrienne Hawkinson

Marty & Eileen McAuley                 Jeannine Nix                                    Kayda & Robert Magruder

Hans & Magdalena Mumper          Jacqueline Chess                           Norma McGuire

In Memory Of                                                          

Melvin F. Crowe by Joann Crowe

Bruce Chandler, Sr., by Greta Chandler

Lucille Jensen by James W. Jensen

Joda Harington by Carla Willhoit

Ann Martinez  by Greta Chandler

Diana Miller, by Merle Miller and friends

Mary Ellen Ogden, by John and Wendy Richardson

Vincent Sullivan, by Ruth “Debby” Sullivan

Walter Backstrom, by Backstrom McCarley Berry & Co., LLC, Patricia McCausland, Linda Smith, Marcia and James

Brown, Laura Brewer, Susie Frierson, Marcia Futowsky, Dorothy Halic, Robert and Annette Hunt, Nancy Koppl,

Susan McShane, John Noguez, Virginia Parsons, Posner & Rosen LLP, Nancy Roberts, Judith Schneider, Gary & Pamela See, Naomi & David Blakely, Robert Crain, Richard & Ann Murphy

In Honor Of

Muriel Alexander by the Daulton Family

Jonah & Tyrus Yamagata by Nelson & Naomi Yamagata

*We apologize for any omissions or errors.  Please notify us of any corrections.