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Getting a project through all the hoops for permitting and preparing for building isn’t a quick process. First, the site must be surveyed by engineers, scientists, and the architect and the proper paperwork submitted. Sometimes the permitting process can take years. One permit took seven years for final approval.

The Templeton community has helped raise money every year for the building fund since the germ of the idea a dozen years ago. This generous, committed community and our friends have raised $276,000 for the building fund. But we have more to do.

Despite the long stretch between the original idea and today, we are ready to raise our library. Unlike an old barn raising, when the whole neighborhood would turn out to construct one family’s barn over the course of one long day, our library raising will take place over a few short months. To be successful, we need to recharge our momentum for raising the final funds so we can begin building.

Thanks for your help in raising the funds to raise the Templeton Community Library.

Templeton Community Library Association


August 20, 2012


Building Construction postponed

We re-appled for a new Minor Use Permit which allows our Building Permit to continue. Consent from SLO County Board of Supervisors to waive fees is critical to this process. TCLA Board & architect Robert McCormick are diligently following county protocol.

2011 Income Report– Highlights:

Ending Balance of $269,075 shows year’s profit of $30K toward Phase 1 cost $672,067.

We raised over $15,800 for the Building Fund from our personal appeal and letter campaign

Our two fundraisers, the Fashion Show and “Let’s Raise the Roof” dinner netted $9778

Most Recent Donor Contributions

Thank you to: TCLA Board Member Carla Willhoit who generously contributed another $5000 at year end. Joshua Gibson and Greg & Rosemarie O’Sullivan who presented checks at October “Let’s Raise The Roof.” January contributions started strongly with over $2700.

NEWS from the Board Meeting August 2012:


How you can Help:

  • Join a committee: Community Outreach, Membership Assistant, Web/Computer assistance, Donor Support, Events, Grants, Building Materials. Volunteer; stay informed.
  • Like us on Facebook! And visit our web

TCLA is an association of volunteers committed to raising funds to construct a Templeton Community Library. Total estimated construction costs are $1.8 million. The task is large, but with continued community support, we will offer every resident the opportunity to participate, contribute, support and enjoy this completed building.

Come to a Meeting! TCLA meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:30PM, at TCSD meeting room.

President: Wayne Petersen 434-0069 Vice President Bill Van Orden 434-0542