“Do we really need a library?”

In the age of Kindles, iPads, and Nooks, do we really need a library? Yes, we do!

  1. Libraries offer e-reader users the chance to “borrow” e-books and sample new technology.
  2. This library will serve as a community gathering place for Templeton. Studies have shown that communities with libraries are healthier.
  3. Seniors make up a major portion of Templeton’s population. These individuals would benefit from a comfortable space to read, create, and reflect. The library was designed to attract adults and seniors as well as children and students.
  4. When librarians employ Google, there’s no question you can’t answer. Libraries provide lots of reference guidance that users might not discover on their own.
  5. A library could provide a space for summer reading clubs for kids as well as book clubs for adults and seniors.
  6. Internet stations at libraries are in high demand for lower income users who don’t have access to a personal computer.
  7. Templeton is a hilly area with inconsistent access to a strong high speed internet signal. A library will provide a strong high speed internet signal for community members using the fiber optic cable that runs proximal to the library’s site.